Our Rugby Scholarship Fund has been set up to make The Burford Academy accessible for all women and girls, regardless of their financial circumstance. We believe the program provides a positive structure, supporting women and girls' development both on and off the pitch. Acknowledging that some players may not have the available funds to apply for a place at our camps in the conventional way, we have created this fund so that parents / coaches can apply on behalf of a daughter / team member to obtain a scholarship. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to attend future camps within their local area with all fees covered by our wonderful Sponsor - now supporting The Burford academy for the 3rd year running - Cambridge Volvo Garage.

Any females between the ages of 7 and 18 can be entered for the Scholarship Fund. Our decision is based on the reasons put forward in the application form, as to why the player is being nominated and why they would benefit from the fund, as well as the results of a practical assessment carried out of their aptitude and attitude.

All applications will need to be made on behalf of the player at least 14 days before their Burford Academy Camp is due to commence.  The Scholarship fund can only be awarded following an assessment process during a camp. This assessment will be carried out on the first available Burford Academy Camp, following an application submission, that the player is registered on.



  • Apply via online application form

  • Application will be assessed within 14 days and consulted with Burford Academy support staff

  • The Player will be monitored on attitude and application during camps 

  • If player shows a good attitude and applies herself on and off the pitch then, at the discretion of Rachael Burford, the Player will be offered funded attendance on future camps within her area

  • The Scholarship fund includes all camp fees (not travel fees)

Apply for sponsorship to attend future Burford Academy courses